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Welcome to my online portfolio. My name is Steven Perry, and I'm a front-end web developer and a recent graduate from Michigan State University. While I live in East Lansing, my home is on the internet, and I take great pride in contributing to the expansion of my home.

I am a music enthusiast as well as a web developer, and I believe that a website should be structured like a good song. A great website should grab your attention with a stunning introduction, be meaningful in its body and verse, and conclude with a lasting effect. Let's rock out together.


Through my time at SNworks and the State News, I have crafted many sites for large clients. Additionally, my free time is spent reading up on the latest trends in web design and development to make sure that I'm giving you the best experience on the web.

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I am proud of my Michigan State University education. In May of 2014, I graduated from the College of Communication Arts and Sciences with a BA in Media and Information. My focus in the major was in Social and Interactive Media. Additionally, I graduated with a specialization in the Digital Humanities.

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