Blather - A Ruby on Rails Application

Created over a month and a half time span with two classmates, Blather is a Ruby on Rails web application focused on connecting people through sounds. Blather was created as a twitter clone that brings audio as the main focus. Designed and developed completely by three Michigan State University students, Blather is an on-going project.

My contributions to Blather involve creating the team, setting up part of the controllers, and doing a large portion of the front end code. Using the Gumby responsive web framework and Sass, Blather was developed with both Mobile and Desktop user experience in mind. As an on-going project, the team has plans to continue developing the site past the end of the class it was developed for.

Writing Sample

Venmo's Logo

Written for an assignment in an e-commerce focused class at Michigan State University, this case study focused on Venmo and its history from inception to present day. Highlighting business practices and the competition, this study is purposefully business focused, dealing very little with design and development.

SP Records - An E-Commerce Simulation

Created for my e-commerce class at MSU, this simulation of a webstore is fully functioning. The fake record store I created is integrated with PayPal using the OpenCart open-source shopping cart system. This project is only a simulation, and no products are actually sold through the site.


All sites listed below were built in my time with SNworks, and they run on an in-house CMS called Gryphon. Built using the Bootstrap responsive framework, HTML5, TWIG, jQuery, and LESS, we focused on making mobile-friendly experiences for users. Git and Github were used for version control during development, and JIRA and Basecamp were used for project coordination. My responsibilities varied from site to site, but I was the team manager / lead developer during the development of the majority of sites listed. I also contributed wireframes on a couple of these sites in addition to large portions of code.

The State News: Michigan State's Independent Student Newspaper
Garnet and Black: The University of South Carolina's Student Magazine
The Ball State Daily: Ball State's Student Newspaper
AWOL: The American Way of Life Magazine
The Daily Wildcat: The University of Arizona's Independent Student Newspaper
AU Student Media Hub: Home of American University's Student Media
The Daily Gamecock: The University of South Carolina's Independent Student Newspaper
The Lanthorn: Grand Valley State University's Student Newspaper
The Michigan Times: The University of Michigan - Flint's Student Newspaper
Otterbein360: Otterbein University's Online Student News Source
The Talon: American University's Yearbook
The Eagle: American University's Student Newspaper
Flames Daily: Liberty University News
Near Duke: The Duke Chronicle's Guide to Housing and Dining
WVAU.org: American University's Student Radio Station
The Daily Wildcat: The University of Arizona's Independent Newspaper
American Literature: American University's Literature Magazine
The Daily Lobo: The University of New Mexico's Independent Newspaper
auatv.com: American University's Television Station