Steve Perry

Detail oriented, responsive web development through HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

Skills & Abilities

In a constantly changing ecosystem of new web languages and tools, I've focused on frontend development. Here are a few of the skills I've learned.

Education and Work

In May of 2014, I graduated from the College of Communication Arts and Sciences with a BA in Media and Information from Michigan State University. My focus in the major was in Social and Interactive Media, and I graduated with a specialization in the Digital Humanities. During that time, I worked on a team of student web developers at SNworks. Since then, I have been building websites at High Level Marketing in West Bloomfield, MI.

Responsive Frontend Development

The web has become largely mobile based. Websites need to be usable and beautiful on any device. With responsive frontend development using HTML5, CSS3 (with SCSS and LESS) and JavaScript (with jQuery), I create a user-friendly website while focusing on user experience and conversion.

Frontend Command Line Tools

Through the use of build automation tools like Grunt, Gulp, Bower and NPM, I have built sites that are powerfully optimized for performance on slow network connections. These sites use processed and minified code to deliver a great user experience through short load times and quick user interaction through the browser.

CMS Development

Websites need to be easily updated to keep users coming back for fresh content. Content Management Systems (CMS) are crucial to the websites that are updated daily. Having used many proprietary and open source content management systems, I have built modern, responsive websites that adapt to the content requested from the CMS.

Version Control

Every development team has a central codebase. Through the use of version control (Git) and hosting (Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket), I've worked with multiple teams to help manage and sustain codebases for long term growth.

Team Development

Through working with designers, content strategists and project managers, I have become accustomed to working on a team with non-developers and developers alike. Through collaborative software like Atlassian's JIRA and HipChat, as well as in-person meetings and discussions, I know how to work with others to build a stellar product.

Drop me a line.

I'm always interested in hearing new ideas. Feel free to shoot me a message if you want to run something by me, or check out my LinkedIn profile for my full resume.